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10 Reasons You Should Move to La Herradura With Your Family

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Proximity to The Big Cities – La Herradura is located 80 km from Malaga and Granada. The short distance from the big cities allows families to stay close to the vivid city life while living the slow life in the beautiful area. Many commute to work on a daily basis and maintain the relaxed lifestyle.

Weather Last winter we had less than 20 days of rain! People go into the sea in February. Bars and Cafes are open all year around. The weather is a huge factor for living here. Fresh airh from the sea and the mountains, typical South of Spain’s sun and enough nature to keep the area cool.

Skiing - If you still want the winter experience, the Sierra Nevada mountains are just 60 minutes away. With more than 100 pistes you won't miss the snow. In the spring you can spend the day skiing in Sierra Nevada and head down to the beach for a swim in the afternoon. Incredible!

Education – The locals are proud of the public system. They have great facilities and leading projects such as Los Niños del Mango, a democratic bilingual school here in La Herrradura or fantastic state schools in Maro and Frigliana (that are full of kids from the world).

International Community There is a growing community that's been gathering regularly for the last few years. More than 20 families moved to the town in 2019. There are now over 100 international families here. The community is diverse and has families who relocated for work, Worldschoolers who enjoy the freedom of South of Spain and families who want the relaxed lifestyle.

The Co-Working – In April 2019, we opened the new co-working, Tropicoworking, for the benefit of the remote workers. Today, you have a center where you can meet other entrepreneurs, attend networking events and communicate with professionals.

Activities in Nature – La Herradura is surrounded by beautiful nature. Whether you want to hike in nature, climb boulders, walk on a slack-line, snorkel with dolphins, walk around the Andalusian desert or ski with your friends – you can find everything close to the town.

Local Community – Probably the most important part of WHY you should move with your family. The locals are so warm and friendly. One of the families we've met in town said that their kids feel like they have ten grandparents. It’s so true.

Culture – The South of Spain is full of events for kids, families and adults. The life around great Andalusian musicians, bars with live Flamenco shows and colorful holidays as San Juan and San Jose is wonderful. The locals know how to celebrate their heritage and they bring you in in such a natural way. In addition, Costa Tropical attracts talented artists who share their knowledge in classes and workshops.

Living in Europe With The Feeling of Tropical Destination – You live in Spain, which has all the necessary services for your families – doctors, clinics, schools and more. You still have access to a beautiful paradise that feels most of the year as a Caribbean destination.

Cost of Living – Let’s face it, when you choose your next destination you want to know that your budget will be enough to cover your lifestyle costs. Rent is relatively cheap, there are big supermarkets around, it will cost you only few euros a breakfast.

Life is better when your money buys more.

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