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Meet The Tropi Team

Get to know the people who built and manage the coworking spacee in La Herradura in the South of Spain. Every one of them has a vital part in the success the company. 


Nicole Menéndez

Co-Owner & GM
La Herradura
Tropicoworking SL

Content marketing strategist specialised in scientific writing and sustainability. Lives in Almuñécar with her family of 2 boys, 1 rescue dog and her husband Kris who's also a manager of Tropi in La Herradura. She has a great interest in scuba diving and does that as often as possible.

Aya Lev.jpg

Aya Lev

Co-Owner & GM
La Herradura
Tropicoworking SL

Founded Tropicoworking in 2019 with Yehonatan and Josep. Before, Aya was a back-end developer for almost 10 years and travelled with her family around the world since 2017. She found her passion in permaculture and eco projects. She is responsible for developing projects of Tropicoworking and act as our CFO. 

Yohenatan Reut

Tropicoworking SL

Founded Tropicoworking with Aya and Josep in 2019. Traveled with his family around the world for 2 years. Fell in love with Spain 3 years ago and decided to call it a home. Yehonatan has a vast experience in digital marketing and cyber security. Today, he owns a project management and research company.

Kristoffer Lidengren

Co-Owner & Manager of Tropicoworking SL and

The Shack Coliving

Also runs The Shack Coliving in La Herradura. Physiotherapist MSc, personal trainer and author of The Prio System. Specializes in strength training with only bodyweight. Had never heard of Costa Tropical when he came to Almuñécar in 2018 for a job at a neuro-rehab clinic, and decided upon arrival to stay. Has a strong interest in marketing. Outside of work altogether, he dreams of one day owning a cream white Gibson Firebird VII and a house on Formentera.

Kristoffer Lidengren.jpg
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