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Why South of Spain Is Perfect For Digital Nomads?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Co-Workings - as you start to do your research on the perfect place to start your nomad life, you will find beautiful and affordable spaces for digital nomads. It seems like all the co-workings around the southern coastline believe in an healthy approach of work-life balance. In addition, the relaxed atmosphere of the region, brings the different co-workings to collaborate on different level and share their knowledge.

Check out few of the best co-workings:

Tropi Co-working in La Herradura (


The Living Room in Malaga (


The Grow Working in Malaga (


Wood Work Co-working in Almeria (


Entrepreneurs Community and Networking Events – digital nomads are productive when surrounded by positive energy of ideas and personal connections. It’s hard to move to a new location without the right community around you. Those challenges, which described perfectly in this blog post (

) can be solved if you surround yourself by good people who share the same feelings and help you to create strong connections of love, respect and support.

In South of Spain you can find few of the coolest meetups and pages for digital nomads:

a. Malaga Digital Nomads:

b. Costa Del Sol’s Meetups:

c. Malaga Makers:

d. Entrepreneurs of La Herradura:

Internet Connection – such a simple topic but crucial for the success of the digital nomads. Today, you can find perfect internet connection around the southern coast. Co-workings have a crazy connection of 500MB and even the coffee shops upgraded their plans for the benefit of the customers.

Cafes & Chiringuito – South of Spain is best known for the beautiful sunny coastline. There is a constant immigration from the cold European countries to south of Spain. You can find many businesses that open all year around due to the sunny days and warm nights. As digital 'nomadism' is on the rise, many of them love the already-exist businesses that are perfect for them.

Weather – last winter, businesses on the beach open their outdoor’s seating areas around February. There is no guarantee that the weather will be comfortable but compared to the rest of Europe, south of Spain has the ideal temperature most of the year.

Cheap Flights – Malaga airport is perfect for digital nomads who need to travel for work, meetings and events. Last year, I booked a round trip to London for as low as €15. In a time where train and bus rides are still un-proportionally expensive, flights are the best option for you as a digital nomad. Also, with these prices, you can see your friends and family all year around.

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