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Why We've Opened Tropi Co-Working?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

In November 2018, we moved to La Herradura with our kids (Yahli 4yo and Gon 1yo). Until that point, we traveled with them in South-East Asia, North America and Europe for almost two years. Once we arrived to the town, we got to know wonderful and inspiring people among the community. One of them was Josep (who is now our a close friend and business partner).

Meaningful Project with Inspiring People

When we've met, each of us was already had experience as entrepreneur and professional. We wanted to create a space for same-minded people who are on the roads and need a quiet and professional co-working for day-to-day use. We wanted to inspire people and help them to find the work-life balance. We realized that a co-working in La Herradura, for the benefit of the local and international communities, can make a big change and bring more interesting families to town. We built the space alone, designed the furniture and removed walls and eventually we were ready to open in May 2019.

Today, almost a year since the first day of the project, Tropi Co-working is open 24/7 and operate great with members from around the world and amazing energy of productivity.

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